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Warranty Rules & Spare Part Policy

International Standard

Spare Part Policy and Warranty Rules


Parts ordered by letter, telex, facsimile or phone will be des­patched as soon possible and be debited your account.

Defective parts are to be sent to Scanomat (delivered carriage paid) along with the below information. 

Can be filled out using our  Return Spare Part Form



a)     Installation date and serial number

b)     Location

c)     Repair date

d)     Initials of technician

e)     Description of defect


Upon receipt the parts will be credited your account provided that the following has been fulfilled:

 a)       The machine in question has not been operating on location/s for more than 12 months.

 b)      The defect is not owing to poor maintenance, ordinary tear and wear or wrong usage.

 c)       Scanomat’s technical department considers the defect to be a defect in workmanship.


Scanomat grants maximum 18-month-warranty on defects in workman­ship as from shipping date.

 Freight costs of sending parts for repair to Scanomat are to be paid by the customer/agent, and parts returned to customer/agent after repair will be sent “ex works, Kokkedal”.

 Scanomat does not cover labour or mileage in case repairs are carried out by customer/agent.




Technical Department